An Orpington man has joined the fluffy world of online celebrity cats after seeing his YouTube channel amass over five million views.

Chris Coulson, 46, watched his first video, where he introduces his moggy kitten, Teego, to one of his Bengal cats, go viral with nearly two million hits.

Mr Coulson regularly documents his cats’ adventures online and has seen Freya, 10, and Chatsy, 2, join Teego in reaching stardom.

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Now the IT professional is looking for somebody to come on board and help with filming, as what started as a hobby has become a big part of his life.

He told News Shopper: “I’m looking for a filmmaker interested documentaries about cats.

“I’ve always loved them – I’m fascinated by their behaviour. Most cat videos on the internet are just chance happenings but I take a more scientific approach.

“I do it for fun mainly, but I’d like to make a feature film. Cats are amazing.”

Mr Coulson, who also runs a blog called 'freyacat', said his first creation appeared on the front page of sharing site Reddit within days.

He has also been featured in Animal Planet’s ‘My Pet’s Gone Viral’ show, which covers the most famous furry companions around the world.

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He added: “It was amazing for them to come round. It’s great making the videos and to have so much interest in my cats.

“I’m hoping somebody else gets involved – there may be money involved.”

Mr Coulson explained he now makes around a third of his living from his feline YouTube endeavours and is often sent pet food and toys to give to his three cats.

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