Believe it or not, a lot goes through a man’s mind when he considers where to take a date.

New research has revealed the top ten things guys think about when booking a venue, and it would seem that his stomach – rather than romance – could be most important.

Here’s the list:

The menu – 80 per cent

Easy to get to – 72 per cent

The staff – 70 per cent

Friends’ recommendations – 69 per cent

Lighting and ambience – 68 per cent

The drinks selection – 66 per cent

Good online reviews – 65 per cent

Price – 63 per cent

Music – 50 per cent

Live sport on TV – 28 per cent

The research was commissioned by npower small business, which is encouraging businesses to think hard about how important lighting is for places like pubs and clubs.

According to the figures, 88 per cent of Brits said lighting would affect how much they enjoy a date or romantic meal.

Nearly a third (29 per cent) have walked out of a restaurant or bar because of bad lighting, whether it is too bright or too dim.

npower’s head of customer service for small business, Rachel Vincent said: “We can probably all think of an occasion that has been spoiled by a restaurant or bar not getting the ambience right and lighting is a crucial part of that.”