Horrible bosses are rife in London, according to research, with almost half of workers in the capital saying their hate their manager.

As well as two in five London workers detesting their boss, a quarter also say they feel intimidated by him or her.

More than a third of the capital’s employees say their boss makes them feel stressed, with 29 per cent feeling unappreciated and 25 per cent ‘invisible’.

Being trustworthy and honest tops the list of attributes for being a good boss, while having a sense of humour and even making a good cuppa also count as important traits.

Disciplining people in public rather than in private and finger-pointing are listed as bugbears when considering what constitutes a bad boss.

Poor performance from management and a desire to strike out alone is the driving force behind more than a quarter of London workers, revealing they are so fed-up at work they’re thinking of leaving their job to start their own business.

One snippet of good news for bosses in London is they are still hated less than managers in other big cities around the UK. In Birmingham 60 per cent of workers say they despise their bosses.

Website building and hosting brand Moonfruit polled 2,000 workers for its study.

Wendy Tan White, CEO and co-founder of Moonfruit, said: “These findings make for some depressing reading. It’s shocking to see how many people spend their time at work being unhappy and feeling like either they or their work isn’t valued.

“UK bosses take note. Most of us spend more than a third of our day at work. A happy workforce will always be a more productive one.”

Without naming names, what’s the worst experience of a bad boss or the best experience of a good boss you’ve had? In your experience, have there been any differences in style between male and female bosses? Are you a manager yourself? If so what’s your secret to being a good one? Add your comments below.