There have been fires at Waste4Fuel in St Paul's Cray for the last two days.

Two fire engines were at the recycling plant in Cornwall Drive yesterday morning (June 24) tackling several deep-seated pockets of fire.

Meanwhile two engines were also called to the site on Tuesday morning (July 23) to deal with two small pockets of fire.

Several local residents have contacted the News Shopper complaining of the smell of burning in the area.

This comes after the High Court dismissed an Environment Agency (EA) case against Waste4Fuel earlier this month (July 1).

The EA was seeking contempt charges in relation to Waste4Fuel not complying with an undertaking to install appropriate fire breaks and separate areas for new waste at the site.

Since then the EA has served an enforcement notice on Waste4Fuel to stop any further waste being brought into the site.

Fumes caused by the repeated fires at Waste4Fuel have caused significant stress among local residents over the last two years.

Some claim they haven't opened a window in that time, while others say the continuous stench has made them physically sick.

This has led to the suggestion the area around the recycling plant is the worst place to live in Britain.