A group of Charlton people want to launch the area's own community council, seizing control of powers - but they need 10 per cent of residents to agree first.

In what would be a first for the borough, Charlton residents could take control of a parish-style council with powers devolved from the local authority.

Officially launching at the Horn Fayre on July 27 in Charlton Park, the campaign committee with the help of the Charlton Society have now set up their own website.

But under the current guidelines, the campaign needs one in 10 SE7 residents to sign a petition calling for the community council.

Organiser Nikki Coates said: "We know Charlton people love where they live and have rallied behind local causes such as saving pubs, renaming Charlton Lido and demanding school crossing patrols.
"A community council would bring us all together and help us speak with a louder voice."