An Orpington man says his house is at risk of flooding every time there is continuous rainfall, due to poor drainage in his road.

Daniel Higgins, of Quilter Road, Orpington, says water flows from the road to his house, where it gathers, often reaching three or four inches in depth.

He added this has been an issue ever since he and his wife, Donna, moved in six-and-a-half years ago.

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The 37-year-old said: "Every time we get a continuous amount of rain we get the run off from the road.

"The drainage in the road is ineffective and as a result we have had water right up to our front door.

"It is quite a big worry. Whenever we have sustained rainfall we have the fear of coming home to a flooded house.

"There have been occasions we have had to get brooms to sweep the water away."

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Mr Higgins says despite repeated pleas to Bromley Council for help, nothing has been done to correct the problem.

The maintenance engineer said: "It mainly affects three houses, me and my neighbours.

"My neighbours are pensioners who have lived here forever. One of them has lost a partner recently. I am doing it for them as much as me.

"We have all complained about it but the council just don't seem bothered.

"They would be saving themselves money - the road surface is breaking up as a result and we get potholes.

"We pay our council tax. It doesn't seem that money is being spent on what it should be."

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Executive councillor for environment Colin Smith said: "Like a lot of Orpington, rain water and the like drains away into a series of ‘soak-away’ units.

"The road drains have been checked and appear clear but it should be noted that this is the low point of the road and therefore road water will initially collect here naturally during periods of heavy rain.

"In addition, as the drives are lower than the road level, water will naturally flow down the drive and the fact that almost every drive has been paved over effectively reduces the scope of rainwater to drain into the soil."