A Beckenham woman who crunches numbers by day is set for a final 2014 showdown at Brands Hatch after working her way up in the racing world.

Paula Miller, 41, has been an accountant for 22 years and enjoys her job, but now also spends time driving her Honda Civic Type R in competitions across the country.

After Mrs Miller was bought a track day experience she quickly fell in love with the sport and now, with just 24 hours behind the wheel behind her, is now up there with the best in her ‘class’.

With a final race of the season at Brands Hatch coming up she hinted although this time the title might be a step too far, 2015 is in her sights.

Mrs Miller explained: “It’s just a matter of seconds now. I’m moving up, getting quicker each time.

“I don’t think I’m going to come first – there are so many extremely talented drivers. But I’m catching up with them so you never know.

“Next year I could really do it.”

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Paula at a race day

The mum of two competes in the ‘clubman class’ of the Honda VTEC Challenge, an amateur series for licensed drivers.

She completed her ‘ARD Test’ on Valentine’s Day last year and soon found a garage in Liverpool to kit out her new car in readiness for leisure track time.

But when the mechanics asked if she would be interested in joining a team Mrs Miller jumped at the chance and took part in her first event at Rockingham Speedway in August last year.

She recalls: “I came last, of course, but it was great fun and I was hooked.

“I felt so brilliant so I thought I’m going to do this some more. I’ve won individual races now – and all my family help out. My 11-year-old son (George) helps me check the oil.”

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Three-year-old Luke also likes getting behind the wheel