Timothy Spall looks a picture in the first official poster for his new film.

The star, who was born in Battersea and now lives in Forest Hill, is set to appear at the iconic London painter JMW Turner in director Mike Leigh’s biopic Mr Turner.

Mike Leigh and Timothy Spall have worked together a number of times before, most notably in 1996’s Secrets and Lies.

In May, he won Best Actor for his portrayal of the artist.

Mike Leigh also directed fellow south east London actor, New Cross’ Gary Oldman, in his first film – 1984’s Meantime.

Mr Turner explores the last quarter of a century of the great painter’s life where he deals with the death of his father, is loved by a housekeeper he takes for granted and exploits sexually and forms a close relationship with a seaside landlady who he eventually lives with in Chelsea.

During the period, he travels, paints, stays with aristocracy, visits brothels and pursues his work with eccentricity – such as having himself strapped to the mast of a shop so he can paint a snowstorm.

Mr Turner is out October 31.