Peaches Geldof died of an accidental heroin overdose after months of hiding drug use from her loved ones, an inquest in Gravesend has revealed.

Peaches, a journalist and TV presenter, had been taking the substitute drug methadone for two-and-a-half years before her death, the hearing at the Old Town Hall today was told.

Her husband of two years, Thomas Cohen, 23, confirmed the model had started using heroin again in February of this year.

North West Kent Coroner Roger Hatch recorded a narrative verdict of accidental death through drug use.

Peaches' mother, Paula Yates, died of a heroin overdose at the age of 41.

But Mr Hatch said this was not history repeating itself and Peaches had made a "considerable effort" to get better.

He said: "For some reason we will never know, she resorted to taking heroin on this day."

The inquest heard she was of a "happy disposition" and planning for the future.

Peaches was discovered by Mr Cohen in the early afternoon of April 7 at her home slumped on the edge of the bed with one leg hanging down to the floor with the other leg tucked underneath her.

Her husband had been at his parent’s house in Gerda Road, New Eltham, with the couple’s eldest son Astala.

Mr Cohen’s dad Keith Cohen had dropped off their youngest son Phaedra in Wrotham to stay with his mother on the evening of April 6.

At 9.48pm that night, Mr Cohen called Peaches but she did not answer.

He was not concerned until the following morning when he still hadn't heard from her.

He travelled with his mother Sue Cohen and Astala to Wrotham to check everything was ok, arriving at 1.30pm.

Peaches was found dead on the bed in the spare room Mr Hatch ruled there was no indication she had intended to take her own life.

He said: "Someone who stops or ceases to use heroin and then resumes is less able to tolerate the levels previously had.

"It is clear she had taken a strong level of heroin and her tolerance to this level had declined.

"It has been said that this is case of history repeating itself. But this is not entirely so.

"We understand she made a considerable effort in drug rehabilitation.

"I conclude the death of Peaches Geldof was drug related and express my sympathies to her family."