Do you know this mystery cat, a wandering "feline husky" found sitting quietly in a Bromley alleyway?

Nicknamed ‘Snowy’ by its adopted family, the thought-to-be elderly puss was spotted all alone on Monday afternoon.

Sarah Elphick, 48, from Bickley, said she was picking up her son from Stott’s Park School in Bromley and found her sitting in a nearby alley. 

She said the cat is “very clean, friendly, and has a collar”, but after a visit to the vets it was discovered ‘Snowy’ has not been chipped so her home cannot be traced.

Mrs Elphick added: “She’s a lovely cat – we found her in an alleyway near my son’s school.

“We took her to the vets but we don’t know who her owners are and all the cat sanctuaries are full, so we took her home.

“She was quite skinny when we got her so we're feeding her up. She's a lovely cat, big green eyes, and has fur marked like a husky. She's quite old. I’m positive she’s lost.

“My son wants to keep her but we’ve already got two cats and I’m sure the owner’s out there somewhere.”

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