Long gone are the days when the choice of takeaway was chicken tikka or beef in black bean sauce, restaurants are moving into the mix and you can even pick up a good old bangers and mash.

These days it feels like you can have anything cooked for you to take home but I don’t remember being able to pick up a lamb shank on my way back from the office so I was chuffed when Brewers Fayre – which runs Sidcup Place restaurant – threw its hat into the takeaway ring recently.

Just what the doctor ordered: filling, comforting grub like you would cook at home if only you had the time, inclination and ability.

It would be perfect for collecting on the way home for the family meal once in a while or a good, heart-warming blow-out.

It was a little disappointing for me, then, that one of the choice omissions from the Brewers Fayre menu was the slow-cooked lamb shank.

With the likes of McDonalds, Burger King et al, I didn’t see much point in the chain selling burgers to take away – ditto fish and chips. Yet almost half of the 13-item takeaway main menu is either fish and chips of burgers.

The remainder is slightly different and you would imagine worth picking Sidcup Place for: sausage and mash, smothered chicken, grilled salmon salad, rack of ribs.

Likewise the snack, kids’ and desserts menus (Oreo cookie pie, yum).

Much like any takeaway, you’ll want to order ahead by phone – waiting in the restaurant just makes you feel like you should have booked a table.

Frustratingly, the takeaway menu doesn’t seem to have found its way onto the excellent Brewers Fayre website so you have to either order when you get there or swing by on a preparatory visit.

When my food came, it was exactly what I’d hoped for; unsubtle but big and tasty.

No one goes to Brewers Fayre expecting The Ivy, but you do get a good feed.

For takeaway purposes, the packaging was spot on. Consideration was given to things like custard and salads, which were packed appropriately.

The downside was arguably the price. My rack of ribs at £11.29 didn’t exactly break the bank but it is not what you would hope to pay for a takeaway meal and cost the same as it would have done had I eaten in and consumed it piping hot, with staff waiting on me and cleaning up after me.

Sidcup Place is just off Chislehurst Road, DA14 6BF. Go to brewersfayre.co.uk