A Thamesmead mother welled up with pride as she escorted her 11-year-old daughter to her primary school prom in a gypsy horse and cart.

Roseyrose Morgan, 37, made sure daughter Ellierose Crow made an unforgettable entrance at Business Academy Bexley travelling in a traditional Romany horse and trap.

Miss Morgan’s Appaloosa horse Moorland was festooned with flowers as he bore his passengers to the event in a carriage draped in yellow and blue crepe.

The school in Yarnton Way, Thamesmead, had never seen anything quite like it as Ellierose pulled up just after 5pm on Thursday.

Her mum, who lives in Corraline Walk in Thamesmead, told News Shopper: "It was very moving.

"I wished I could have had something like that when I was younger.

"Obviously we did have a big involvement with horses when I was growing up but nothing like that.

"Ellierose was ecstatic.

"She kind of overheard she might be going in the cart but she didn’t know a photographer was going to be there or who was going to decorate it."

News Shopper:

Proud dad Vincent Crow leads Moorland. 

Ellierose’s grandmother Phyllis Harvey, 60, helped decorate the cart, which set off for the five-minute journey from her house in Godstow Road.

Vincent Crow, 39, was on hand to lead his daughter Ellierose along the final stretch up to the school gates on her way to celebrate the end of Year 6. Miss Morgan, a care worker, said: "There were a few people taking pictures as we were going along.

"Some people were waving and saying 'yee haw' and stuff.

"Moorland was very well behaved - he always is and he’s such a gentleman."