A design for a heritage centre in Biggin Hill - which will remember, among other things, its role in the Battle of Britain - has been approved by Bromley Council.

The Biggin Hill Battle of Britain Supporters' Club has been campaigning for the centre for over a year.

As well as telling the story of the period in 1940 when Biggin Hill RAF fighters battled the Luftwaffe in the front line, the centre will cover the history of the airfield. 

Beginning in 1916, Biggin Hill was recognised as an ideal location for radio experiments, as well as forming part of a defensive ring around London. 

Then, between the wars, developmental work took place at Biggin Hill that provided the command and control system that helped defeat the Luftwaffe in the Battle of Britain.

Chairman of the Supporters' Club Peter Osborne said: "It's been a busy year, meeting with groups and individuals who have an interest in the centre and working out an appropriate design with our architects and the local planners. 

"It has been a superb team effort by the club’s committee and, now we have permission in place, we can focus more on how we will tell the story of RAF Biggin Hill and how we'll raise the cash to build the centre."

The centre will be situated in Main Road between St George’s RAF Memorial Chapel and the Squadron Air Training Corps.

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