A year ago today, the world’s media ended a long vigil outside the now-famous Lindo Wing – but maybe they should have just kept tabs on Kate’s Facebook.

New research, which will surprise no one with a Facebook account, has shown that almost half of mums upload news of their little one’s arrival on social media within two hours.

One in five takes just 30 minutes while one in ten takes just 15 minutes.

Almost two thirds of parents say they or their partner provided a social media commentary ahead of birth or during labour.

July is typically the busiest month for births and research by children’s shoe company Start-rite reveals just how much parents love to share news of the baby on the web.



It doesn’t stop with the birth, either, with parents loving to keep internet friends up to date with their kids’ firsts too, with first steps getting the most coverage, closely followed by first days at school, first smile, first day at nursery and first time standing.

Start-rite has now created an interactive website that allows parents to create videos  featuring their child’s name, birthday, hometown and photos of their ‘firsts’, which can then be shared with friends and family.

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