Angry parents are protesting over a new headteacher who they say has turned a school into a living "hell" for their children.

News Shopper can reveal 25 teachers and teaching staff are leaving Kings Farm Primary School in Cedar Road, Gravesend due to "significant issues" concerning executive headteacher Jane Porter, who was drafted in by Kent County Council in January to make improvements.

Mrs Porter, who is also headteacher of Whitehill Primary School in Sun Lane, is no stranger to controversy and was in the press at Christmas for banning children from talking about the festive period.

Around 20 parents armed with placards and posters protested outside the school on Thursday morning and afternoon.

Emma Friend, 28, of York Road, Gravesend, has four children at the school aged three to eight.

She said: "The old headteacher Peter Jackson was great.

"Since Mrs Porter came in all communication has broken down.

"Sports days and trips have been cancelled, since she took over the school has been hell."

Marie Heywood, 33, of Grieves Road, Northfleet, who has three children in the school, said: "I protested because my children are autistic and there is no understanding about special needs.

"My children cannot cope with the changes.

"The two Year 5 and 6 classes have been combined and my boy is chewing his jumper because he is worried about the instability."

The school was inspected by Ofsted in 2012 and given a 'satisfactory' rating which is now deemed "requires improvement" since rules have changed.

NUT Union representative Ruth Serwotka was at the protest and said the exodus of teachers and teaching staff was "incredible and catastrophic". She added: "It is obviously a very challenging school.

"I have put forward a formal complaint from teachers and teaching staff to Kent County Council.

"There are significant issues and there is a huge amount of insecurity with so many staff leaving the children have no stability."

Kings Farm was expected to become an academy in September but is not expected to convert until January next year.

A Kent County Council spokesman said: "Jane Porter was brought in at the request of the local authority to raise academic standards and the quality of teaching - as she had done at Whitehill Primary School in Gravesend.

"KCC takes complaints seriously and the governing body at King’s Farm Primary School will make sure they are properly investigated and that any response is appropriate."