A 79-year-old woman who tripped and fell in Petts Wood is hoping to thank the “kind couple” who helped her.

Betty Callighan, from Oxhawth Crescent, had an accident in Queensway and was help by two fellow shoppers who witnessed the incident.

She said the pathway in question, the forecourt of JJ Minicabs, is "very badly maintained" but does not want to take anything further.

News Shopper:

Fortunately Mrs Callighan, who regularly practices Pilates and yoga, was uninjured – though was disappointed to find last week that she misplaced their details before she could get in touch.

She told News Shopper: “I tripped on something and fell flat on my face. I was extremely lucky I was able to get up again, but it wasn’t very nice at the time.

“I suffer from osteoporosis. It’s a fear for older people they’re going to break something. Also, being quite fit and active, it’s a real worry I’d have to stop.

“A young couple were sitting in a cafe opposite and they saw what happened – they picked me up and made sure I was okay. They knew First Aid.

“The man offered me his name but now I can’t find it.”

Mrs Callighan, who had the accident on June 23, added a lady in the cafe also gave her some tea and was really grateful for the community spirit.

News Shopper:

Are you the thoughtful pair who helped her up? If so, she would like to make contact. Email joshua.barrie@london.newsquest.co.uk