A brother of murdered teen Jimmy Mizen was robbed at knifepoint yards from where his sibling died - but his family want to meet the mugger and help him.

George Mizen, 15, was approached by the youth in Burnt Ash Hill opposite the former Three Cooks Bakery as he waited for a bus. The robber threatened to stab him for his phone and iPod before stealing the items and running away.

In a sick twist, the bakery was the same one where, back in 2008, George's 16-year-old brother Jimmy was murdered by thug Jake Fahri.

Dad Barry Mizen told News Shopper: "For us it's almost deja vu. We thought 'here we go again'. It was like history repeating itself."

Since Fahri was locked up for their son's murder, the Mizen family have worked tirelessly to campaign against youth violence, earning parents Margaret and Barry Mizen a richly-deserved MBE.

And Mr Mizen said of the mugging: "We've offered to meet with the lad because he's going down exactly the same path as the boy who killed Jimmy.

"If a young 15-year-old can be so brazen or bold as to rob someone on his own, he's just going to carry on unless something changes.

"We'll meet the lad and share our story and maybe that will help him."

He added: "George is alright. He doesn't want to meet him but he doesn't want him to go to prison either."

A spokesman for Lewisham police said: "A 15-year-old boy appeared at Bromley Youth Court on July 10 and pleaded guilty to a robbery committed on June 9 in Burnt Ash Hill close to Lee Railway Station.

"He was sentenced to a nine month youth referral order and ordered to pay ᆪ85 costs and a ᆪ10 victim surcharge.

"The boy was arrested on June 24 and charged the same day and bailed to appear at the youth court."