Drivers who prefer to pay cash to use the Dartford Crossing will still be able to when free flow tolling goes live in October, the Highways Agency has confirmed.

Travellers will be able to pay their Dart Charge at one of thousands of retail outlets across the country with a Payzone terminal.

Those outlets offering the service will be added to Payzone's website in September.

Highways Agency Project Director Nigel Gray said: "Making it as easy as possible to pay Dart Charge has been a top priority for us.

"We recognise that not everyone will want to pay online or by phone.

"This deal with Payzone will mean drivers will be able to pay at thousands of convenient locations across the country."

Drivers will pay the crossing charge in advance or by midnight the day after crossing.

You can set up an account and save up to a third on each journey. 

Alternatively the toll can be paid online, at selected retail outlets, by phone or by post.

More information about Dart Charge can be found by visiting