An Orpington cult hero spotted walking the streets dressed as Spider-Man has spoken about his reasons for doing so - and it doesn't involve getting bitten by a radioactive spider.

Christopher Lee, of Wotton Green, says he dons the suit for his three-year-old son, Christopher Lee Junior, a huge fan of the Spider-Man franchise.

The 35-year-old added he has no fun memories of spending time with his father as a child, and wanted to ensure this wasn't the case with his own boy.

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He told News Shopper: "My son worships Spider-Man. It started from watching the cartoons. Then when we went to the shops he would insist on only having Spider-Man candy.

"When the recent film came out he got so excited. He comes home singing 'Spider-Man, Spider-Man'. 

"He just fell in love with it."

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Mr Lee, who has lived in Orpington, with wife Chantelle, for three years, decided to suprise Christopher Junior a couple of months ago by buying the suit and picking him up from nursey school in it.

He now picks him up every Friday, from Threshers Day Nursery, High Street, Orpington, dressed as Peter Parker's web-spinning alter-ego.

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Mr Lee said: "It was a couple of months ago that I decided to buy the suit and suprise Christopher by picking him up in it.

"I pick him up every Friday now - but he loves it so much that he has got a Spiderman suit himself - so now we can walk around together in our Spider-Man suits.

"I've started doing it because I have no memory of having a good time with my dad and I wanted to make sure I am his best friend, that he has lots of happy memories of spending time with me.

"We have another son, Xiong Lee, who is 7 months old, so I imagine I'll be getting out the Spider-Man costume when he's old enough as well."

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