Eight puppies have been found abandoned in a bin in the middle of an Orpington road today (July 18) - the hottest day of the year.

The pups, which are crossbreeds, were found by a man in Shire Lane at around 2.30pm.

Not knowing what to do, he called Foal Farm Animal Rescue Centre in Jail Lane, Biggin Hill. 

The sanctuary told him to bring the puppies to them as quickly as possible.

Debra Taylor, Foal Farm's manager, said: "Somebody phoned up. He was quite upset and said he had found a bin full of puppies and didn't know what to do.

"We told him to bring the puppies over to us. He turned up with a couple of other guys with the puppies in the back of his car.

"They were hot and panting. We took them inside and put them in a cool room."

After checking the puppies over staff at Foal Farm found them to be in good nick, despite their ordeal.

They will be flea tested and microchipped, before being sold to a loving family.

Mrs Taylor added: "What a callous act. It is the hottest day of the year. Just when you think you've seen it all something like this happens. 

"They would have roasted alive if someone hadn't picked them up.

"We are grateful they are safe - even though we're full to capacity like most animal rescue centres.

"It could have been a lot worse."

Foal Farm is a charity and relies entirely on donations from the public. To make a donation call 01959 572386.