Roadkill painted over by a line painter was photographed near Orpington this morning (July 18).

This photo was taken at 7.30am in the slip road to the M25 from Orpington, towards the A21.

Abbie Farnworth, 25, was driving from Green Street Green, Orpington, when she came across it.

She said: "I know that these lines are done by a machine however there has to be someone operating the machine.

"I feel this is very inappropriate and unnecessary and whoever performed this should be spoken to.

"It is not in an area where you are unsafe to stop. I know this because I stopped with ease this morning."

A Highways Agency spokesman said: "We repaint many thousands of miles of road markings every year, and it’s our standard practice to remove any debris – including dead animals - before repainting white lines.

"We don’t know why that didn’t happen in this case. As we mostly carry out this road marking work at night, it’s possible that this unlucky animal was too well camouflaged against the tarmac.

"We will ensure it is disposed of safely."