Bexley Council has revealed to News Shopper its struggle to make an Erith road safer a year after a 12-year-old boy was knocked down.

On July 15 last year Bexleyheath Academy pupil Josh Collins had just got off the school bus and was walking home along the A206 Northend Road when he was struck by a car.

The Year 7 youngster suffered fractures to his skull, right arm, shoulder and bleeding on the brain during the collision and was airlifted to hospital by London’s Air Ambulance in a critical condition.

Earlier this week Josh’s mother, Nicola Collins, spoke to News Shopper about how the family is trying to rebuild their lives after the accident and her desire to see the road made safer.

Bexley Council spoke to News Shopper about their efforts to keep Northend Road safe.

A spokeswoman said: “Transport for London (TfL) are responsible for safety cameras.

“In February 2012, TfL determined the safety camera located at Northend Road by Bridge Road was not necessary.

“After raising the matter with TfL in March this year we were advised it is their policy for safety cameras to be in place specifically for mitigating a history of incidents where people were killed or seriously injured relating to speeding or red light running.

“Records for the Northend Road site show that there have been two slight injury collisions in the last three years which means it falls below TfL's current agreed criteria for consideration of a speed camera.

News Shopper: Bexleyheath Academy pupil Josh Collins recovering at Royal London Hospital

"In response to concerns raised and after discussions with TfL, Bexley Council installed a Speed Indicator Display (SID) device on the road on June 13.

"However, as there are road works in the area and the speed has automatically been reduced to 30mph in Northend Road for the duration of these works (14 weeks from June 16), it was removed 12 days later.

"Bexley Council continuously reviews and investigates accidents and their locations across the borough and will consider installing the SID device in Northend Road again in the future."

Mum Nicola Collins, of Parkside Avenue, Bexleyheath, told News Shopper: "There have been some changes made to the road over the last year but I would like to campaign to get more changes on that road with speed cameras and more crossings.

"I want to encourage greater awareness of road safety and ask young people to make sure they’re vigilant when they’re crossing the road and not wear earphones or be distracted.”

The 44-year-old added: "Josh wants to campaign about it himself which is a sign of his growing confidence because before he felt ashamed of putting me through the pain of the accident.”