A Thamesmead secondary school will lose at least 14 staff members in September due to a lack of secondary school age pupils in the borough.

The Business Academy Bexley in Yarnton Way, Thamesmead will kick off the new school year with 14 less teachers and will review support staff structures - which may see non-teaching staff members made redundant.

A member of staff at the school, who asked not to be named, told the News Shopper: "The governors seem to admit the school has been mismanaged but 12 plus staff are leaving and not being replaced - at what cost to teaching and class sizes?

"Another 20 plus teaching assistants will lose their jobs come September."

A spokesman from the school says that the academy will review 'resources needed to staff the school come September' following an £800,000 drop in government funding.

The spokesman said: "There has been a significant drop in numbers of children of secondary school age across Bexley.

"As teaching staff advise us of their intention to move on at the end of the summer term we review the appropriateness of our curriculum offer and the resources needed to staff it in September. "This has been achieved through natural wastage and staff movement. However in order to meet our curriculum needs we have recruited new staff in subject areas where needed.

"We are undertaking a review of our support staff structure. This includes every non-teaching post, not just teaching assistants. It will involve a reduction in support staff numbers, but no decisions have yet been made as consultation has only just begun. Our aim is to work with staff to ensure that any support staffing structure provides the most appropriate education for our students."

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