Plans to re-open a Woolwich nightclub described as a magnet for London's most notorious gangsters have been slammed by the police.

Officers claim Club Da Boss in Woolwich High Street has been responsible for a string of violent incidents and that its closure last year led to a fall in crime.

Incidents included a man stabbed and attacked with sticks outside the venue and a woman being smashed over the head with a bottle of Tennessee whisky as she changed her shoes on the stairs outside.

Shockingly, one woman was sexually assaulted by a man who, after urinating in the street, lifted up the victim's dress to expose the fact she was not wearing underwear.

But now a licensing committee will meet on July 22 to discuss plans to transfer the premises licence to a new holder who hopes to re-open the venue.

In an objection, Greenwich police's licensing officer PC Jason Coombes claimed there were 400 intelligence reports linked to the club including reports of drugs, guns, knives and gang fights.

He said: "It has attracted some of the most notorious gang members from across London and has been the subject of several voluntary closures due to the threat to life or threat or disorder."

PC Coombes went on: "Since the closure of this venue the police have had no incidents of note in this area relating to licensed venues.

"It is apparent from this and its history that these premises were a massive crime generator for the Woolwich area."

Originally featuring striptease and known as the Mermaid Club, the venue attracted widespread complaints about noise. Pole-dancing was stopped in 2008 but complaints continued and the club finally closed last September

Police warn that even plans by the new licence holders to introduce better security and a strict entry policy could create more trouble as angry people linked to the old club go on the rampage.

News Shopper is awaiting a response from Club Da Boss.