Having played with Stevie Wonder and worked extensively on the soundtrack to Apocalypse Now, a musician is bringing an animal orchestra to south east London.

Bernie Krause, who introduced the Moog to pop and created music in Hollywood, has spent the 40 years concentration on recording ecological landscapes and will present The Great Animal Orchestra to the Horniman Museum in Forest Hill from Sunday, July 27.

Visitors will hear the sounds of animals, birds and insects from rare recordings made in natural habitats in Borneo, Costa Rica, Sumatra and Zimbabwe.

Bernie said: “Each of these recordings represents an example of how natural soundscapes are organised.

“It is from this organisation that humans learned to mimic melody, rhythm and structure, all of which we factored into our music from the dawn of time. In other words, it was the animals that taught us to dance and sing.

“Here is the original score – the planet’s original folk music.”

A day of live music featuring the Adriano Adewale Group and the Byron Wallen Trio, as well as activities inspired by nature, will launch The Great Animal Orchestea on July 27.

More related activities will take place throughout the summer.

The Great Animal Orchestra at the Horniman can be found in the Music Gallery Performance Space from Sunday 27 July to Sunday 31 August 2014. Entry to The Great Animal Orchestra at the Horniman is free.

Go to horniman.ac.uk/greatanimalorchestra