There are some things that kids just have to do this summer, and the best way of finding out what they are us to ask them.

So that’s what the National Trust did. They surveyed the 25,000 youngsters in the south east who have already pledged to complete their popular 50 things to do before you are 11 and three quarters challenge this year.

The top ten activities and the best places in Kent to try them, as recommended by the National Trust, are:

Climb a tree

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Picture: National Trust/Anrhel de Serra

Try it at Chartwell, with plenty of trees to choose from in the woodland

Roll down a really big hill

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Picture: National Trust/Paul Harris

Visit the garden at Scotney Castle, take in the view then roll from the top all the way down to the bottom towards the old castle. Also try rolling down a hill in the meadow at Emmetts Garden

Build a den

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Picture: National Trust/John Millar

Visit special den building areas at Sissinghurst Castle, Scotney Castle (follow the natural play trail to find a Wilderness Camp hidden deep within the woods) or at Chartwell (play in a large den in the storytelling area or make your own from the woodland materials).

There’s an organised den building event at Ightham Mote on Saturday 16 August, 10.30am or 2.30pm (normal admission charges apply, £5 per child, booking recommended on 01732 810378)

Pick blackberries growing in the wild

News Shopper: Blackberries can be grown in most conditions but prefer free-draining, moist, acid soil and will tolerate a little shade,

Pick them at Langdon Hole on the White Cliffs of Dover with the iconic cliffs and English Channel stretching out before you, or on the estate at Ightham Mote.

Folklore states blackberries shouldn’t be picked until after Old Michaelmas Day on 11 October.

Run around in the rain

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Picture: National Trust/John Millar

Try at Sissinghurst Castle -  get drenched in the wide open spaces or dodge the raindrops between the trees on the estate.

Visit a farm

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Picture: National Trust/Anrhel de Serra

Visit the farm at Sissinghurst Castle, surrounded by acres of fields, you might even spot a farm animal or two on an estate walk.

Go swimming in the sea

News Shopper: Insurance fears lead to cancellation of freezing Todmorden dam swim

Plant it, grow it, eat it / fly a kite

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Picture: National Trust/John Millar

Join an organised plant it, grow it, eat it workshop at Emmetts Garden on 29 August, 11am to 12.30pm and 1.30pm to 3pm (normal admission charges apply).

Plant your own seeds to take home inside Scotney Castle’s walled garden, or visit Sissinghurst Castle’s vegetable garden to see where the food on your plate came from.

Borrow a kite and try flying it as high as South Foreland Lighthouse on the White Cliffs of Dover

Hunt for bugs

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Picture: National Trust/John Millar

Try searching underneath one of the many fallen trees in the parkland at Knole.

If you’re lucky you might spot a tiger caterpillar feasting on leaves in the open fields or catch a glimpse of a rare ash black slug, one of the largest species of slug in the world.

Go on a really long bike ride

News Shopper: Harry, second from left, with the local cycle club

Try a really long bike ride around the estate at Sissinghurst Castle, with a downloadable map available online

To take part on the 50 things challenge this summer, simply pick up a scrapbook at your local National Trust property or download a planner to help you decide where to go at

Sign up to the challenge online at