A group of wannabe rappers who posed in videos with expensive cars and scantily-clad women were secretly running a wholesale crack and heroin operation, Woolwich Crown Court heard today (July 15).

Mohammed Abdi Hasan, 29, from Milton Keynes, and Hassan Hassan, 23, of no fixed address, were arrested last year after Greenwich police raided a riverside flat, finding drugs worth around £100,000.

Four other men - Salah Ali Salah, Fuad Jama, Hassan Yusuf and Mohamed Isse Hassan - have since admitted their part in the drugs operation, the court heard.

And the judge looked on today as jurors were shown a video of a song called Whippin' Up by their rap group Cash Gwop Money.

Beginning with footage of Abdi Hasan driving a Ferrari and featuring members of the group lounging on the bonnets of flash cars beside fawning women, it included the lyric: "F*** you, pay me."

Describing the video sarcastically as "light entertainment", prosecutor Michael Hall claimed "whippin' up" referred to drug production and said the images showed "the fast money, fast cars and fast girls funded through the supply of drugs."

Another video found on Hassan Hassan's phone showed Salah and Isse Hassan making foul-mouthed brags and posing with bundles of cash in the Louis Vitton store at Sloane Square.

The court heard how, after days of surveillance last October, Greenwich police raided the Rotherhithe flat, which looked out across the Thames to Canary Wharf.

Inside, officers found 200 wraps of heroin lying on a table beside a mound of crack cocaine. They also discovered three "torpedo shaped" packages of cocaine with a 91 per cent purity, the court heard.

In all, drugs with a street value of around £100,000 were found inside the flat, along with £2,690 in cash, jurors heard.

Describing some of the group's movements in the previous months, Mr Hall told the jury: "It was a wholesale drug operation providing drugs to somewhere north of London."

The court heard that Hassan Hassan was found, along with three others, on the north circular in a Mercedes seen leaving the flat earlier that night.

Inside the flat police had found a velour Versace track suit of the kind Hassan wore in the photo for his 'H-Money' Twitter account. They also found his bail sheet for an incident one week previously in Woolwich town centre.

And Mr Hall said police began searching for Abdi Hasan after his fingerprints were found on a Sun Supergoals pullout containing 52g of heroin which was found inside the flat.

He was found by police in Luton, behind the wheel of a BMW 5 series which he had hired for six months at a cost of £7,000, the court was told.

Both men deny conspiracy to supply diamorphine and crack cocaine.

The trial continues.