The number of young drivers injured during crashes in London has reduced by around 15 per cent.

However Transport for London (TfL) is keen to build on this success with a new campaign, Share the Road, which encourages to “breathe in, move on” rather than risk road rage.

In 2012, there were  4,864 people aged between 17 and 25 named as a casualty in crashes in London.

This number dropped to 4,116 last year with certain News Shopper boroughs showing particularly steep reductions.

  • Bexley went from 157 casualties to 111
  • Greenwich dipped from 153 to 104 young drivers injured over the last year
  • Bromley reduced from 157 to 111  
  • Lewisham went from 153 to 104

Share the Road video

Managing director of surface transport at TfL Leon Daniels said: "While there has been a welcome reduction in the number of people killed or seriously injured, there remains an enormous amount of work to do to achieve our long-term goal of removing all such instances from London's roads.

“We have a huge programme of investment underway to improve the road network and public spaces as London continues its rapid growth. Much of this work includes radical steps to improve road safety, including segregated cycling lanes and much improved junctions.

“We will also make more data openly available to enable others to help us make progress.”