Orpington MP Jo Johnson's Twitter account has been hacked, leading to spam messages being sent to hundreds of Twitter users.

The messages, sent with links, have included: "rofl u gotta read this, its awesome", "lmao you got to see this, its epic" and "omfg this tweet by you is crazy".

News Shopper:

They have been posted at fellow MPs, councillors, media outlets, Orpington residents, even News Shopper's news editor.

The flood of excitable statements and questions began last night, but the situation has since been resolved.

News Shopper:

A number of people have commented on the incident, with Matthew Jupp saying: "Poor Jo Johnson... He's either been hacked or has decided his future lies in selling weight loss products."

Mark Stockwell ‏said: "Someone desperately needs to tell Jo Johnson his account's been hacked. It's been spewing out spam for hours."

News Shopper:

Dick Mandrake added: "Bad Monday for the intern that runs Jo Johnson MP's Twitter account, which became compromised from at least 11 hours ago.

A spokesman for Jo Johnson said: "Everything's been resolved. We were notified by a couple of people this morning, we quickly logged on, we changed the password and that was it."