A group of graffiti-fighting youngsters at a Bexleyheath school are 'happy' to be spreading their message through song.

Year three pupils at Bursted Wood Primary School in Swanbridge Road have been working towards their Go-Givers citizen project by working out a way to combat the graffiti on a 12 metre long wall in woodland by their school.

In a letter written to the News Shopper pupils branded the graffiti 'terrible' and a 'dirty problem.'

They said: "We do not like seeing swear words in our local woods as we walk to and from school."

Under the guidance of their teacher, Jo Pearson, the class wrote to David Evenett, MP for Bexleyheath and Crayford and to Bexley Council asking if they could design a mural to coverup the mess.

News Shopper:

Bexley Council said that the walls in woodland were in 'such a state of disrepair' that a mural would either fall down or destroyed by more graffiti so they suggested the youngsters raise funds to buy native green plants to cover the wall - making it inaccessible to vandals.

To get their message across and urge people to stop doing grafitti the pupils made a music video for a re-worded version of Pharrell's 'Happy.'

They also organised a Green Day, urging fellow pupils to wear an item of green clothing to school in exchange for a small donation - the event raised a staffering £397.18 Year three teacher, Miss Peason said: "It was all their idea and they've done brilliantly."

News Shopper:

In a special assembly on July 11 the year group presented a cheque to Councillor Alex Sawyer and showed fellow pupils their video.

Coun Sawyer said: "Graffiti ruins the environment and it ruins things for everybody.

"I want to say thank you, thank you, thank you for this donation as the plants are going to make that piece of land fantastically better.

"In October and November we are going to come back and plant shurbs and I know some of the children are going to come back and help us.

"I will personlly be keeping an eye on this to make sure it gets done."

Tomorrow (July 15) the youngsters will give a presentation on their project to school pupils, friends and family from across London at the Go-Givers presentation at the Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green.