North Kent MPs have revealed to News Shopper why they enjoy juggling legal and lecturing jobs with their political careers.

The recently published Register of Members’ Financial Interests details payments made to MPs, the nature of the work they carry out in return, and the number of hours this takes and the organisation making the payment.

Gravesham MP Adam Holloway lectures at the Defence Academy in Wiltshire around four times a year for £350 each time.

He also occasionally writes articles for the Mirror and the Express.

He told News Shopper: "I think MPs should almost be required to do other jobs because otherwise you get trapped in a Westminster bubble. It should almost be compulsory."

News Shopper: Dartford MP Gareth Johnson

Dartford MP Gareth Johnson originally trained as a solicitor and enjoys continuing with this job outside of politics.

He spends five hours a month at Thomas Boyd Whyte Solicitors in Bexleyheath Broadway earning around £800 each time.

He said: "I spend on average one Saturday morning a month working in the legal system.

"It gives me first-hand experience of the strengths and weaknesses of our criminal justice system."