We don’t think you’ll find this kitten cute at all ... bazinga, you’ve fallen for another one of our classic pranks.

The puss cat, actually called Bazinga (watch The Big Bang Theory to see why this is a cool name), is of course very cute indeed.

The 11-month-old was nominated for the Pet of the Day honour by James Suttle from New Eltham.

Bazinga, a Persian/ragdoll cross, likes Dreamies, hiding and waking his owners up at 4am to play.

He does not like loud noises, having his fur combed or his claws cut.

Does your pet have a talent? Bazinga can hide in the smallest of places and jump out when you least expect it.

What makes your pet so special? He can sense when his owners have had a really bad day and will come up and cuddle to cheer us up.

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