South east London’s murky past features in a new true crime book.

Mike Gray’s 101 Interesting Facts on Britain’s True Life Crime features notorious goings on in Deptford and Blackheath.

In 1905, the Stratton Brother from Deptford murdered a shopkeeper and his wife during an attempted robbery at 34 Deptford High Street. Their trial was unique for being the first to feature fingerprint evidence to secure a conviction. They were hanged together.

On-the-run armed robber John McVicar was arrested in a flat in Stratheden Parade  in November 1970 after 700 days on the run from high security HMP Durham.

He was also hidden a couple of away from The Royal Standard when police came for him.

From the Black Widow to Britain’s wealthiest criminal and the Bridgewater Four, Mike Gray lifts the lid on more than 100 actual events that grabbed the headlines.

101 Interesting Facts on Britain’s True Life Crimes is out now.