Have you ever snapped a terrible picture or is there an image of yourself you’re ashamed of? One of these sins against photography could win you a prize.

Our Worst Photos competition encourages you to share the pictures you’re most embarrassed by and which should have been deleted.

If you’re brave enough to show off any moments of incompetence behind a camera or unflattering pictures of you in front of one, you could get your hands on £50 cash – perhaps to put towards a photography or modelling course!

Maybe you’ve been on a holiday and you’ve lined up a beautiful family pose or a shot of a majestic view, only for it turn into a blurry out-of-focus mess.

Perhaps you’ve been present for a once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunity, only for something to get in the way at the crucial never-to-be-repeated moment.

Or possibly you’ve done a selfie or had a picture of yourself taken when you’ve been looking your worst, such as pulling an unfortunate face or wearing an awful outfit.

If any of these things apply and you own photos which qualify as truly terrible, you could be our winner.

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If there’s one image which brings shame upon you and everyone who knows you, that’s the one to enter. But if you’re prone to regular photographic gaffes, feel free to submit a selection of your worst efforts.

As soon as photos are submitted you, your friends and family, and the wider public will be able to vote. However, voting will be ‘just for fun’ and will not decide the winner.

The closing date for entries is July 31. After this we'll choose the winner based on which photo is our favourite. This will likely boil down to which picture gives us the biggest laugh!

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