A son says a bus driver hurled abuse at his injured elderly dad and ambulance crews as they held up traffic trying to cross a busy road in Dartford.

Cyril May, 85, of The Brent, fell out of bed in his home suffering cuts and bruising to his head and hurting his right shoulder on Tuesday morning.

Mr May's wife Maureen, 62, called emergency services about 7.45am and three ambulance crews attended the call because Mr May's heart beat was irregular.

The couple's son Wayne May, who runs Artisan Rare Breeds in Eynsford, arrived at his parents house to see how his dad was and to try and help.

Wayne, 43, told News Shopper: "The ambulance crews were blocking the road a bit and traffic was being held so they could get my dad across the road into an ambulance.

"The 497 Arriva school bus going to Ebbsfleet Academy was at the front of the traffic and the bus just kept edging forward, I couldn't believe it.

"The driver became abusive and started shouting at the ambulance crews.

"I went up to the driver and he said 'it's not you, it's the f***ing ambulance drivers, they just need to make up their minds'.

"Their job is hard enough without getting hurled abuse from a stupid bus driver.

"The ambulance driver said he gets it everyday, they are just doing their job to help people. I was just in disbelief."

Cyril was taken to Darent Valley Hospital in Dartford to be checked over and was sent home later that day.

Father-of-one Wayne added: "Dad is ok now, his heart rate was fluctuating and that is why extra crews were brought in but we later found out it was because of the stress.

"Dad's injuries looked pretty bad but once they cleaned them up they looked much better.

"I have complained to Arriva because I just cannot believe a bus driver can get away with this."

A South East Coast Ambulance spokesman said: "It is a sorry fact that such incidents do occur from time to time.

"We would ask motorists to be understanding and patient if an ambulance is causing an obstruction.

"This is not done to cause an inconvenience to fellow motorists, it is done to ensure that if we do need to transport a patient from the location to an awaiting ambulance this can be done swiftly and with minimal risk to the patient."

An Arriva spokesman added "Arriva expect all their drivers to be courteous and polite at all times and show patience in a situation like this.

"We will be investigating the matter in full and we would like to pass on our apologies to the family during, what was clearly, a distressing time."