A Year 9 pupil was cut with a craft knife during a playground prank gone wrong at a Bexleyheath secondary school yesterday.

The victim was caught on the leg by a small blade which two students had stolen from an art class at Bexleyheath Academy and had to go to hospital to have stitches.

In a statement, the school said the knife fell from the pocket of one student, was picked up by another and given to a third who “waved it around in a reckless and carefree manner”.

All four boys involved are being “dealt with extremely seriously” according to principal Carl Wakefield, but he declined to confirm whether the boy who was cut was one of those being disciplined.

Mr Wakefield told News Shopper: “The incident happened in the playground during break time at around 11.20am.

“A young man has ended up with a small flesh wound.

“They are all friends and it’s not a malicious act but a reckless piece of stupid behaviour.

“I would like to reiterate that the safety and welfare of every student at Bexleyheath Academy is of paramount importance and will remain our top priority each and every day.

“Despite our best efforts however, there will always be times when a student lets you down and yesterday four of our young men let us, their families and themselves down.”

Police were informed of the incident but no arrests were made.