A pair of south east London’s much-loved business have been shortlisted at the London Vintage Awards.

Little Nan’s Bar in Deptford made the shortlisted top four in an impressive three categories; Best Cafe/Bar, Best New Business of 2013 and Best Club Night for Deptford Does Disco.

Park it in the Market, which is organised by the Mean Old-timers Car and Bike Club and meets at 7pm on the last Thursday of the month at Greenwich Market, made the finals for the Best Vintage Event.

Park it in the Market’s co-organiser Johnny Rocket said: “I am as surprised as the rest of The Park it in the Market team over this nomination, and even more at reaching the finals.

“We are up against huge corporate events and our humble volunteer-run event is punching way above its weight.

“The success of Park it in the Market reflects the way Greenwich works, the whole community has thrown in with us which means we have already won by creating and sustaining the event. If we win this prestigious award it will be a win for everyone involved.”

Voting closes July 18.

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