A Sidcup family has given a loving home to a stray puppy – despite the fact he likes eating women’s knickers.

The Altons were told about Barney’s favourite choice of munchies when they first picked up the Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross from Battersea Dogs and Cats Home but it didn’t put them off.

The then nine-month-old Barney amused his handlers by passing three pairs of knickers in three days, including a black thong, after he had been found wandering on a street in Hammersmith, west London.

News Shopper got wind of this peculiar pooch when he was entered in our Pet of the Day competition.

Georgie Alton, 19, said: "We did know about what Barney had done but we thought it was brilliant.

"He was really skinny because he had been abandoned so he must have just found the clothes and eaten them.

"It’s true, he really does eat everything. He’s really funny and he’s absolutely crazy."

Barney, now 15 months old, hasn’t been caught snacking on any underwear since he arrived at his new home in December – but he hasn’t exactly stuck to dog food either.

Georgie, who works as an admin assistant for Bank of America, said: "My mum Alison and dad Alex saw him in the garden and he looked like he was in a bit of pain.

"My mum had left her duster out because she was cleaning that day.

"She thought she had lost it but soon realised that wasn’t the case."

When he’s not eating dusters, Barney likes to see what the neighbours are up to next door to the Alton’s three bedroom semi.

Georgie said: "He jumps over our five foot fence and he’s got scratches down his face where he’s been fighting with the foxes – he thinks they are just out to annoy him.

"But my dad and him are best friends and he’s with him 24/7."