Aside from a mean Macarena, my dancing skills are prodigiously, eye-gougingly awful.

But learn from the best, they say, so when faced with Britain’s Got Talent winners Diversity it made perfect sense to pick up a few moves.

The eight London lads were more than happy to show me a couple of techniques that Ashley Banjo told me would make my ”sex appeal just go up so much.”

If you want to see how ropey my dance skills were or how you can boost your sex appeal then take a look at the video below.

Diversity had just come off stage at British Summer Time at Hyde Park, where they opened the festivities on the main stage for a day headlined by supergroup McBusted.

Ashley said: “We were the first act on and I think they were a little bit tame at first. Throughout our 20 minutes, they really lightened up.

“The performance was wicked. It’s always nice to be back on home ground in London.

“We don’t get to perform here as often as we’d like really.

“Because we perform so much London happens only every few months so it’s pretty nice.”

Despite not being a singing act like the rest of the bill, Diversity got the crowd frenzied.

Ashley said: “We’re the only act of that nature.

“We spend a lot of time doing interactive stuff and I spend a lot of time on the mic. I think people are surprised we don’t just do plain dancing.

“We really interact with the crowd and by the end of the set we normally have people really into it.”

Crew member Ike Ezekwugo said the 20 minute set would normally take about a week to put together, and the group trains six – sometimes- seven days a week.

Ashley said: “We do all types of physical training; body weight stuff, stretching, conditioning, technical stuff. It’s all different types.”

While they may have an arduous training schedule, Diversity also has a diverse set of projects on the go.

In addition to a long list of television projects, including Got to Dance and Jordan and Perri’s work for Nickelodeon, Ashley said: “We’ve got a tour coming up at the end of the year.

"We have just launched F.A.C.E Apparel, which is a clothing brand. It stands for For All Cultures Everywhere.

"It’s a really exciting thing that we’re really excited about.”