An area of Beckenham is said to be harbouring over 50 Jedi Knights. 

According to Bromley police's  Safer Neighbourhoods team, a census last week (July 2) found 54 are currently living in the ward. 

Sergeant Gareth Starr tweeted about the intriguing findings after conducting a profile of residents.

The Jedi are spiritual organisation created in the fictional Star Wars universe for the famous movie franchise. It has a well-known cult following and has inspired a religion in the real world called Jediism.

Although quite odd, it is not actually uncommon to find Jedi Knights living amongst quite English communities.

In 2001 a widespread movement saw increasing numbers record themselves as Jedi and in England and Wales at the time around 390,00 people stated it was their belief, making it the fourth largest reported religion in the country.








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