A heart-broken Sidcup family have made calls for drivers to be more vigilant after their 11-year-old cat was run over.

Julia Uzun, 43, husband, Omar Uzun, 37, and sons nine-year-old Hasan and six-year-old Demir were shocked when a neighbour knocked at the door to tell them that Siamese cat, Max, had been hit by a car and killed on the road outside of their home in St John's Road.

Mrs Uzun said: "We are heart broken.

"The neighbour said the driver had just driven off - it would have been better if they had stopped and said 'I am so sorry, I have hit your cat' but now I don't know if I can find it in my heart to forgive them."

Since the accident the Uzun's children have found it hard to come to terms with the death of their family pet.

Mrs Uzun added: "My children saw what happened through the window, and every time we go out in the car they see the blood stains on the road and get upset.

"All I ask is that people look out for animals on the road, we had Max from being three-weeks-old, we had him before we got married - he was the beginning of our family."