Fresh from their first big festival gigs, pop group Neon Jungle are raring to unleash their next single and debut album.

This is a big month for the girlband, who hit number four with single Braveheart earlier in the year.

Their fourth single, Louder, is out on July 20 and debut album Welcome to the Jungle on hits shelves on July 28.

Last weekend, the four-piece played their first big festival shows – a double header at Wireless in Birmingham and London and British Summer Time at Hyde Park.

Speaking on her way to the latter, Bromley-raised singer Jess Plummer, 21, said: “It’s a busy weekend but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Doing the London shows is huge for me.

“I’m from London, this is my home town. It’s the first big thing we’ve done. I remember being backstage (at Wireless) and being super-nervous.”

Louder is a departure from the uptempo pop tunes Neon Jungle have previously released, but has been greeted warmly by fans.

Jess, a former Hayes School pupil, said: “The response has been incredible. I felt nervous at first before anyone had heard it.

“It is so different to what we have already had out.

“I woke up this morning to tweets from our fans saying ‘you’ve got to a million views (of the video on Youtube)’.

“It’s incredible. It’s hasn’t even been released yet.”

While the excitement has been coming thick and fast, it has not all been plain sailing.

During one of their Wireless sets, the band’s music cut out during the final song, leaving them stranded on stage.

But potential disaster turned into triumph as they started again and even ended up singing acapella when the plug was pulled.

Jess said: “The audience sang along with us. It was really good.

“It was something I don’t think I’ll forget.”

Neon Jungle’s single Louder is out July 20 and the debut album Welcome to the Jungle is out July 28.