Supergroup of the moment McBusted headlined British Summer Time at Hyde Park yesterday night (Sunday, July 6) and brought with them a whole bag of tricks to see them through their two hour set.

As well as tearing through hits like Air Hostess, 5 Colours in her Hair and Year 3000 with the energy of half a dozen nuclear power stations, the band – as guitarist Dougie promised News Shopper a couple of weeks ago – went big on the stagecraft.

Here’s just a few of the stunts the lads pulled:

Back to the Future

News Shopper:

The boys are famously big fans of the film Back to the Future – Busted wrote Year 3000 and McFly were named after Michael J Fox’s character – and they transferred that to show with Busted’s James and Matt arriving in a DeLorean which descended from the top of the stage.

Wedding Crashers

News Shopper:

When McFly’s Tom Fletcher got married, instead of a speech he performed a sweet song that went viral. For the show, the video played on the backdrop but is ‘crashed’ by the Busted boys.

Cue the confetti and the band playing the next number in bridal gowns (and Dougie doing so for the rest of the show because he couldn’t get his off).

Up close and personal

News Shopper:

With so much energy to burn, McBusted had a runway on the front of the stage which enabled them to run around closer to the audience and generally show off.

Flying High

News Shopper:


Not content with a platform on the stage, McBusted had a second stage all to themselves. And it was a spaceship in the middle of the crowd which raised up into the air. Pretty cool.

On fire

News Shopper:

Flaming McBusted sign and pyrotechnics. No biggie.

All dressed up

The band clearly enjoyed firing t-shirts into the crowd from a gun. Danny even had a multiple t-shirt shooting cannon.


News Shopper:

You know the Busted song Year 3000? You know it’s got that lyric about triple-breasted women? In case the mental image wasn’t sufficient, the band handily provided a giant set of inflatable boobs at the top of the stage during the track.


News Shopper:

There’s only one way to close a show. Booooom.