If you’ve looked at the picture of today’s Pet of the Day you’ll already be in love with Vinnymoo the rabbit.

That’s because owner Micah Tamplin, from Gravesend, says the two-year-old butterfly Lop bunny can steal your heart in three seconds flat.

Vinnymoo loves blueberries, strawberries, coriander, loads of hay and the odd biscuit.

He doesn’t like cups of tea for some reason.

What makes your pet so special? When Vinnymoo was a baby bunny he had terrible fits and was poorly for some time. We built up a very strong bond, he follows me round, gives me kisses, he likes cuddles and generally he's a cheeky little bun, and I love him to bits. He always wants to know what I'm up to and does not like to be too far from me. He is my little chunky bunny (3.6 kg worth).

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