A Bromley family's overgrown back yard has been "transformed" into a beautiful new sensory garden.

Andrew and Anie Richies, 54 and 47, with their children Keiron, 12, and Anie-Marie, 10, now have a pristine lawn, new swing, and newly painted shed to enjoy.

Members of disability charity Bromley Mencap, the Richies were chosen by the organisation after Homebase Catford got in touch to offer the work for free.

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Mr Richies, of Chatterton Road, said the volunteers have done a "wonderful job" and he and his family have been have a great time in the new outdoor space.

He said: "It looks lovely, we're really grateful for the work.

"They've created such a nice space to spend time.

"We're going to have a few family friends over to celebrate."

The project, completed last week, is for the all the family - but is specially designed for Keiron, who has special educational needs. 

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Homebase manager David Price said other businesses also pitched in with suppliers, which meant the garden was given an "even better makeover". 

After News Shopper reported on the project and sought a comment from well-known horticulturalist Alan Titchmarsh, Mr Price also said the company has seen lots more interest and is looking at doing more of the same across the UK. 

He told News Shopper: “The Alan Titchmarsh endorsement has given me the opportunity to apply more pressure – before that I (store) was paying for most of it. Now more people are helping us.

“Our head office has been in touch to see where we can take this. It might go further and the company might look at helping more people."

Here's the garden now! 

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Bromley Mencap works with disabled people, parents or carers, to help ensure those in need are able to live like others in their community and have a reasonable quality of life.