Our appeal for hot-weather pictures yesterday prompted one inspirational individual to tell the full story of how to have a truly epic day.

Heroic Twitter super-user @urbanjames took his response to the extreme, sharing not just one or two but eight photos of himself enjoying the sun for parts of the day and sensibly staying cool indoors for the rest of it.

The images provide a fascinating chronicle of the perfect summer’s day.

We believe everyone can learn a thing or two from his wisdom so here for your enjoyment and education is a step-by-step guide to how you too can live an amazing day the Urban James way.

We should warn you that James’s sage teachings do include some gratuitous nudity towards the end so if you’re easily offended don’t scroll down.

It starts with a nice relaxing cup of coffee outside to get your first taste of fresh air on a sunny and bright morning.

You then follow this up by being at one with nature during a nap.

Next, it’s time for another little sleep – but indoors this time.

That caffeine intake from earlier may start to affect you at this point so it’s time for a bit of exercise.

Just be very careful. There are a lot of distractions when it’s hot outside, so don’t have an accident.

Your outdoor activity is done for the day. Head inside and find a nice fresh spot to recover from all that exertion. At this point you can let everything air out – don’t ever try this step outside, it’ll just lead to trouble.

If you’ve planned ahead, your house will look like it’s December – creating the illusion in your mind that it’s cold and wintry to help you feel cooler.

Finally, round the day off in the only logical way there is – strip off and have your photo taken with a beer can protecting your modesty.

@urbanjames, we salute you!

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