Fans of all ages took the chance to fill their books at a football sticker swap at Sainsbury’s in Crayford.

Collectors traded furiously to get their hands on the players they needed to complete their albums.

Six-hundred-and-forty are required to complete the set.

Despite England being knocked out it appears football fans’ appetite for the collectibles is alive and kicking.

During the tournament Sainsbury’s sold has more than 23 million individual Panini stickers with 3.6 million sold in Kent alone – the most of any region in the UK.

The store is one of 50 Sainsbury’s around the country which have held sticker swap events.

Store manager Robert Johnson said: "We know sticker swapping is popular with all age groups so it was great to see fans coming down and joining in the swapping samba.

"England may be out of the World Cup but the football carnival continues at Sainsbury’s Crayford."