A weather presenter has correctly predicted Gravesend as the hottest spot of the year so far today (July 3).

ITV’s Simon Parkin voiced his prediction on Twitter this morning and was then validated as the area managed a sweltering 24.6 degrees celcius.

Gravesend is frequently the hottest place in the UK and held the nationwide record for a short time in 2003 with 38.1 degrees celsius.

Simon tweeted this morning: “Morning! Brace yourself for another hot one!

“Plenty of blue sky around and if we beat 27 degrees it'll be the warmest day of the year so far.

“My money's on Gravesend!!!”

A few hours later the former Top of the Pops presenter tweeted: "Gravesend currently the warmest place in the region at 24.6 C...Heathrow next at 23.4...then it's Charlwood at 23 and Benson at 22.5!"

Simon is a weather presenter at ITV Meridian and is also a Saturday Breakfast presenter on BBC Somerset.

He started off his career in children’s TV, appearing in the infamous broom cupboard and later presenting Top of the Pops.

Follow Simon on Twitter @SimonParkinITV

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