Dozens of carp have been moved from a Chislehurst pond after the fish were apparently dying due to the recent hot weather.

The Chislehurst Commons (CC) group says concerns for the welfare of the pond’s inhabitants led to a team of volunteers moving the carp from the high street’s Prickend Pond to Rush Pond, near Ashfield Lane.

The group believes the water had become overstocked over the years as locals had offloaded unwanted pets there and anglers had sought to create another fishing spot.

Vice chairman of CC, Colin Yardley, said volunteers on Monday (July 1) pooled together to ‘net’ the pond and move the fish to a more enjoyable home.

He said: “Between 30 and 40 carp were placed in oxygenated tanks and carried up to Rush Pond.

“Here they will be happy in a pond which is constantly fed with fresh water and which has recently been cleared of choking weed.”