Just for fun, we'd love to see photos of how you're enjoying this burst of hot weather - and how you're keeping cool!

It's set to be a scorcher today, with temperatures set to be hotter than Faro in Portugal, Barcelona in Spain and Istanbul in Turkey.

Parts of England will sizzle with temperatures set to reach the highest so far this year.

London and Essex will be drenched in sunshine as the mercury rises to 27C (80.6F), and possibly 28C (82.4F).

The hottest temperature so far this year was in Southampton where 26.8C (80.2F) was recorded on June 13.

The warm weather will roll over to Friday but is likely to give way to a cooler weekend, with temperatures dropping to around 20C (68F) or 21C (69.8F).

Relaxing in a park, struggling not to sweat in your office or whatever else you're doing today we'd love to see pictures of how you're chilling out or cooling off in the warm weather.

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